Tuesday, February 14, 2006


i guess this is my first valentine's day alone since i was old enough to be together. for fear that i might actually not care, i spent yesterday compiling a heartbreaking playlist, beating hours of jiltitude into my tiny head. in effect, i managed to convince myself that i was still in love, that i wasn't capable of it, that i prefer masturbation, and then that gravity didn't exist. it is, you know, just a theory. no one in iceland believes in evolution. and vice versa. some lowlights...

1. Roy Orbison - Crying
2. The Smiths - I Know It's Over
3. Patsy Cline - I Fall to Pieces
4. Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas
5. TV on the Radio - Don't Love You
6. The Broken Family Band - You Broke My Fucking Heart
7. Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
8. Magnetic Fields - No One Will Ever Love You
9. Beat Happening - I've Lost You
10. Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un M'a Dit
11. Silver Jews - Random Rules
12. Hank Williams - Lovesick Blues
13. The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
14. Love - Live and Let Live
15. Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long
16. The Sixths - As You Turn to Go

and much, much more!

saint valentine was beheaded i think. so, in his memory, tonight we shall drink whiskey and watch the texas chainsaw massacre.

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