Thursday, February 16, 2006


"pencil me as an adventurous and felicitous cat; hardly anyone knows me better than this."

je me suis pris un rateau
trente-six chandelles sur le gateau
on a fait l'amour sur un bateau

mais ton amour tombait dans l'eau.

"women don't say know with their hands. they say no with their mouths."

who will be the fastest to recover?
the one who's first to find another lover."

you'd think that these days nobody outside the clergy could make it past sixteen with a hymen."

shortly after arriving in paris last year, my hard drive exploded. it didn't crash or malfunction or any sillily such euphemisms. i plugged it in, it made a blam! and then smoke came out of it. i lost all my documents, hundreds of pages of writing, hundreds of albums of music. luckily i had copied all of the documents onto a laptop. its drive crashed a few short days later. chagrin!

"i'm not the devil, but I possess you."

"emotional insurance
the best kind of assurance
i can't spend money, but honey
i can sure spend time on you."

and all the things i've forgotten to write down.

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