Tuesday, July 26, 2005

no two brands of bottled water are the different.

translations of common expressions that aren't common in english:

1. that makes me shit.
2. put your fingers in your ass and whistle.
3. you make me shit.
4. you can't pickle a pickle.
5. i make myself shit.
6. pig-god!

(1) and (3) are pretty self-explanatory. (5) is an expression of boredom. i think that (2), though similar linguistically and imagistically to "put that in your pipe and smoke it," actually means something closer to "fuck off." to be honest, i don't think i know what "put that in your pipe and smoke it" means, but as i sit here saying it over and over to myself aloud at seven in the morning, it begins to taste a little like "i told you so." (6) is, in its native tongue, something like the worst thing you can say. i think i just made up (4), but it doesn't matter, because this entire entry exists only to get...



is not uses the english common expression together the translation:
1. that signs i shit.
2. invests your finger in yours donkey and the whistling.
3. you make my shit.
4. you are unable the salt system salt juice.
5. i make oneself shit.
6. pigs gods!

(1) and (3) is quite obvious. (5) is the tasteless expression. i believed, (2), although similarly invests that to "pulls out it in yours pipe and the language and imagistically," meant in fact something boils to nearer ". "honestly speaks me not to think i knew any" invests that and pulls out its "in yours pipe to mean, but when i sit here to say many times it to i loudly in seven mornings, it starts to taste little likes" i telling you so. "(6) is, in its mother tongue, the worst matter which some phenomenon you can say. i thought i have made up (4), but its not critical time, because this entire entry existence have to...

... translato ED.


the general expression reassignment not generally uses england:

1. this make the excrement and i.
2. it places its finger to enter its donkey and to blow blow whistling.
3. your excrement is isn't them with me.
4. you are unable one pickle pickle
5. if my will is the excrement.
6. porco-deus!

(1) and (3) they will be evidentes consideravelmente. (5) they will be the tasteless expression. i believed, (2), even so similar ling? ? stica and its "placed this to enter its conduit and imagistically pulls it out," in fact middle something more "if went to fodder." then in order to is honest, 4 did not think 44 knew "it places this to enter my conduit and it to pull out its" it to care for, but i sits by 4 itself proportion to under here govoryashch biggest repetidamente enters 7 mornings, starts some proof taste "i him thus thinks this." (6) they, with theirs mother tongue - casti, something the matter which you possibly thought as plokh. i believed that, i it has included (4), but 4 i do not have the value, because this entire entrance existence in order to only starts...... the translato-TRANSLATO- translato-TRANSLATO- unit.


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