Monday, November 19, 2007


Today is the quarter-century anniversary of the day that signified the successful humping of my parents. They managed, correctly, to bump against one another in that awkward and inelegant way, mixing the chemicals that cause the reactions that make the new person. Then the man went to work to make the money to feed the lady to grow the child to spit out the baby so they could forget about it. Congratulations to them on their special day.

And, as the jillion-sided die bounces and wobbles to a stop, that baby is me. Here I am. Here we are.

Happy birthday to all of you.


Elliott P. Appleself said...

You're doing the Natalie "Happy Birthday" Elliott trick !


the brain machine said...

You don't really think you invented that, do you?

Anonymous said...

That's some sick shit.